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You deserve a dream-nurturing environment to create your vision. When you take the time to align your thoughts with the kind of life you would love living, you will ignite that vision into reality. Today, let me guide you through a successful blueprint for your life in these key area: Health, Relationships, Career, and Time/Money/Freedom. When we are in alignment with the blueprint for our lives, all matter of things begin to shift and re-orient in our field of opportunity. Our thoughts, ideas, and actions change. People and resources come into our lives seemingly "out of the blue" And this is just the beginning. ​ I am so excited to do this work with you. Book your free strategy session today and let us begin to put in place the ultimate vision for your life.
Richelle Donigan

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“Transformative. Inspiring. Affirming. When I attended the first visioning workshops led by Richelle, I knew there was something powerful, special, essential in the insights she shared. Through Richelle’s guidance as a life coach since then, I have gotten in touch with who I truly am, released unnecessary and unhelpful ways of being. The impact of her guidance in visioning work has strengthened me in all facets of my life: relationships, financial, spiritual, work and health. Ever forward, she shows how to look beyond the horizon.”

Peace and love,



She is a natural born teacher, one of those teachers who is herself on the endless quest and journey for deepening her own learning. And what she learns – she shares, with a passionate commitment to the betterment of humankind and to each individual to have the benefit of all the tools in her bulging tool pockets; tools to expand your vision for goodness in your life and then manifest that vision.


One of the greatest gifts I’ve received through my work with Richelle is a definite sense of Life purpose, an unshakeable sense of knowing that I am here for a reason. In this knowing, her coaching has also assisted me in learning to trust and live by my inner compass, in a way that has profoundly affected my orientation in the world by learning to show up for myself in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

My dreams, aspirations, and heart’s desires, especially in the area of creative expression, or life’s work, used to be immediately followed by a “but…” or some other sort of automatic negation of whatever newness or expansion my soul was calling forth.