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Richelle Donigan

I am of African American and Native American Ancestry. I was raised in the foster care system and in orphanages. One of the gifts was that I quickly developed an ear for my inner voice beyond all others. I didn't know what it was called at the time but to me, it was called my voice of survival.  At 20 I was introduced to sitting, chanting, and listening and I realized more and more what I was listening to, what I had cultivated was my relationship to my intuition, that still small voice inside. I let that same voice guide me to London where I created a Life, way beyond my wildest dreams and imaginings. GANDHI says that voice, our inner knowing is as loud as our willingness to listen. I have since studied with Masterful Teachers, Gurus, Wise Ones. Through decades of mentorship and guidance and practice, I have found a system that distils these great teachings in a way that will support anyone in creating lives that they LOVE. Your Life beyond your wildest dreams. Lakshmi has been one of my greatest teachers. She is the Goddess of balance, beauty, wealth, calm, joy, abundance. We can all live Lakshmi lives. Join me and discover what you came here to BE, Do Create & GIVE. It's a GREAT story.

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