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​​OJAH represents the spark, the ignition, the essence of life. OJAHLife Coaching leads you through a step-by-step process to creating a vision that aligns with the highest version of your life.

You deserve a life that excites you, a life that is created by your own design. Only you have the power to write the next chapter of your life... and no matter what happens, we write our stories every single day.

You deserve a dream-nurturing environment to create and live into your vision. 


Richelle Evelyn Donigan is a masterful Transformation Guide, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. She has been in the work and study of transformation for more than 40 years. Richelle has an extraordinary gift for creating safe and empowering spaces for all people. She is passionate about bringing these extraordinary, ancient practices to all communities. Richelle has created and led numerous retreats and workshops.


Richelle's Vision Workshops are life changing. You will walk out with powerful clarity and strategies to create a life that you absolutely LOVE. A consummate teacher, Richelle embodies wellness and is dedicated to uplifting our extraordinary genius through the practice of visioning.

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