Richelle Dunigan

As a certified life coach and inspirational speaker I have the ability to walk you through a journey that will reveal and bring you into harmony with your deepest desires. Your very soul purpose I am deeply committed and passionate about supporting people and communities that often do not see the wholeness of who they are reflected back to them. My joy is to create space to claim your spirit given power so that one may use it to live a life by design rather than by default.


Her Story

I am African American and Native American heritage. I was raised in foster care and orphanages and I developed an ear for my inner voice beyond all others. I didn't know what it was called but to me it was called survival. At 20 I was introduced to sitting, chanting, and listening and I realized more and more that what I was listening to , what I had cultivated was my relationship to my intuition, that still small voice inside. GHANDI says its as loud as our willingness to listen. I have since studied with Masterful Teachers Gurus, wise ones. Through decades of mentorship and guidance. I have a system to support anyone in creating lives that they LOVE. beyond their wildest dreams. Lakshmi has been one of my greatest teachers. She is the Goddess of balance, beauty, wealth, calm, joy, abundance.

Speaker Trainer and certified coach

My workshops, retreats, coaching program empower individuals to go beyond any limitations they may have had.  To create more joy ease grace abundance and freedom than they have ever known. In other words to live a Lakshmi Life. If you would LOVE more health, deeper relationships, to call forth your beloved, more money, time, ease, creativity, More, Deeper, Easier. If you are choosing more clarity in all things to break through any barriers to your success. My coaching program will give you the tools and the structure to create that life, to BE that person. The first hour is free. I promise you at the end of that hour you will already feel the transformation happening. Click the link below. Let’s begin.


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First Name

If I had the voice I would sing Richelle’s praises in three-part harmony.

I would have a song for each of the many gifts she has to offer, but today I will focus on her coaching and teaching.

Through every bit of her professionalism and practice, no matter what she is offering to you in the moment, the light of kindness, caring and generosity shines through.

She is a natural born teacher, one of those teachers who is herself on the endless quest and journey for deepening her own learning. And what she learns – she shares, with a passionate commitment to the betterment of humankind and to each individual to have the benefit of all the tools in her bulging tool pockets;  tools to expand your vision for goodness in your life and then manifest that vision.


She has the capacity of taking the lessons – written by and for white men of a certain era and society, and therefore sometimes inaccessible and then she translates them; making them accessible for the rest of us. Her teaching is made more powerful, and community oriented through her own practice, example, stories, wide experiences and references.


Richelle is a very intentional and hard worker. Her expectations are also high. Be ready to step fully into the lessons and maximum benefit will sometimes come so quickly that you will have to catch up to fully receive it.

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