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Meditations with Richelle | QueerForty


Love in the Time of COVID


George Washington Carver invented more than 300 things from the peanut. When asked how he knew that all of these things were possible, he said: “Anything you love enough will reveal its secrets to you.”

Dear ones: I know we all want a more loving community, country and world. But there is no way around. It has to start with each and every one of us knowing and loving ourselves more deeply.

Let’s all intentionally deepen our loving, with ourselves first and then keep expanding and growing our love so that we attract what we desire and what we deserve. Real Love takes practice. Here are some ways that will support you.

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Be What You Want This Year


Everything is created twice. We all know this but few know the power of knowing this. The device you are looking at, the clothes you are wearing, the floor, the building, the city — all of it. Everything that you can see and all that you experience was once a thought. We have been endowed with the gift of creation. It is time to use that gift to create a life and a world that we would love rather than one that we fear or using our gift to torture ourselves. How? Practice.


Train your mind as you would any instrument. Imagine again that you are riding that wave and you get side-swiped by another wave, you get knocked off. In other words: Life happens. What is your response?

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Finding the Good in 2020


Beloved, you are powerful and divinely gifted. Sometimes it takes something to kick the dirt off and uncover the places that we have been hiding. Something to remove the sludge, the lethargy, the complacency. The part of us that has settled for average. This has been the biggest wake up call ever. Let’s not go back to sleep. There are so many that we have lost during this time. We still get to be here. To live, to love, to create, to make a difference. This is our moment.


Let 2020 be your springboard into your greatest yet to be. There is no time to wait or waste. We have survived, now it’s time to thrive. Our power and our ability to pivot has been revealed as we have waded through day after day and month after month of our foundation being shaken, our sense of security, predictability, and certainly our comfort. We are incredible, adaptable and we are ready.

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